Overcoming Failure

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As humans, we all make mistakes. some bigger than others, and some harder than most. It was a part of who we are, it is all a part of getting us ready for the next stages of life. So the most important thing to remember, is learning from that failure, that mistake, and use it to make a better person of ourselves. The biggest failure that people make often makes them become the greatest version of them that they will ever be. Facing it is hard, of course it is, but overcoming it is even harder. But, the fight of getting over it, and moving on makes it all worth it. Life gives a lot of trouble, every single corner that can be turned to, there’s trouble. The brightest moments of our lives has it darkest days. Life will always give a battle to be fought, a mission that will seem impossible, …show more content…
But, those are exactly the reasons why the battles should be fought, and won, why the missions should be faced, and why the obstacle should be accomplished. The moment that those things are faced with success, it feels like the greatest moments of our lives. Each and every single one of those battles, and missions, are the failures of our lives, the mistakes, the regrets, and the heartbreaks. It is one thing to acknowledge it, but it is another thing to face it and get over it. Failures are never easy, but neither is life, and failure is only a part of it.

I believed that freshman year was going to be easy. I got honors classes, and I was so determined in the beginning to get high grades and everything. But, the year kept passing by, and I met new people, had new friends, and suddenly getting good grades was not my priority anymore, and I didn’t even realize it. All I wanted was to have fun and talk to friends. Slowly my grades started dropping without realizing it. I tried pulling all of them back up, but it was not as easy as I believed it would be. By the time second semester rolled around I was happy to have a fresh start

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