Fad Diet Of Fad Diets Essay

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Americans have always been obsessed with the idea of dieting. Everyone is always looking for the fast, easy way to get the job done, and this leads to many fad diets. A fad diet can be defined as a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.(The Definition of Diet.) In a survey of 792 adults, 84 percent state that diet and nutrition are personally important to them; in fact, 59 percent rank diet and nutrition as “very or somewhat” important. (Pitman) Although many people throughout the years think these type of diets work effectively, they are wrong because fad diets fail to teach people sustainable eating habits, the individual will gain the weight back just as quickly as they lost it and it also causes health risks.
Fad diets have quite a history and have been around for centuries. It all started with William the Conqueror, who put on so much weight, he had difficulty staying on his horse. The French royal grew so rotund that he devised his own weight loss system: He confined himself to his castle and consumed nothing but alcohol. () Over time, these diets only have become weirder and weirder. The sixties were when the most fad diets were created and it resulted in a lot of individuals in the hospital or dead. An example of one would be the Cotton Ball diet. In this diet the individual would only eat cotton balls that would be soaked with water. This diet had failed because the person would only be getting fiber,…

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