Essay on Facebook 's Impact On Social Media

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Twitter is an online platform which connects people instantly and is into social media industry. It is a way through which people can share their views and opinions. They enable in creating, distributing and discovering the contents which can reach the entire world. They have some unique features like limitation in the number of characters entered which is 140 (U.S. SEC, 2013, p. 126). This made them to become more viral as short and effective messages were circulated by people. Twitter provides broader platform with wider reach. Twitter is being used by public, for business, by media by developers, celebrities and other public figures.

Twitter was begun in March 26, 2006 (Carlson, 2011). Twitter went public on November 7, 2013 (Geraldino, 2013). More new social media companies are going public following Facebook, money that are being raised through venture capital is always costlier when compared to stock market. IPO will enable the company to raise funds easily at lower cost and can make huge investment in technology improvement because of intensifying competition. The main purpose of this IPO is to increase the capitalization and enhance the financing flexibility and to get access to the public equity market (U.S. SEC, 2013, p. 53).

Stock is listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Twitter is an American based company and wanted to continue their business with same rules and regulation. Rules and regulations, listing requirements and fees were…

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