Facebook Has More Advantages Than Disadvantages Essay

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Bessant (2001, p. 207) confirms that facebook is known widely by people all over the globe; those with accounts in face book are able to connect with people who are not near them at the shortest time possible. The introduction of the system has enabled communication between people who are familiar with each other and strangers. At the end of July 2011 many sites had integrated the comments made in facebook. The integration of comments has been possible because it is easy to integrate comments in PHP and Apache systems as most of the codes in the documentation are in PHP format. Facebook has become very popular in the recent past and is recording new
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Robinson (2004) looks at another important advantage of facebook is that students who wish to create a study group are able to discuss various issues with their friends in other places of the world. By so doing many students have been in position of sharing their projects, assignments, homework, exams etc. as student interact with one another they are able to get information that is important and helpful in their career paths. Love relations have flourished because facebook in the recent past, many people have found people whom they have common interests with and ended up in marriage together. Different people have been able to open up businesses and marketing their wares through facebook. As businesses advertise through facebook customers are in position to get more services at a click of a button.
As facebook becomes more popular, it has been condemned by majority of leaders. Most people have argued that facebook takes more time of individuals which could be made use of properly in other development projects. Addiction in the use of facebook makes individuals waste more time. Students in particular have been found to waste usefull time that they are supposed to devote to their studies. This has been reflected to the performances of students which have been poor. Office workers who are addicted

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