Facebook : A Social Media Essay

807 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
1 Almost every person who has access to the internet tents to have a social media profile; this can be in any social media website. Today’s social media industry records more than 1.5billion active uses in the industry from around the globe. Out of all the social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIn own a bigger percentage in the market. Anyhow the comparison of Facebook ad LinkedIn s not the same as they are used for different proposes. Facebook is used to connecting with friends and family to stay in touch and be updated, and LinkedIn is more business oriented and is used for professional networking. Anyhow, both networks have its unique features and are used for casual and professional use.

2 The two major Social Media web sites have its own popular features. Facebook include features such as, friends, fans, fan pages, wall, groups, upload and download photos, videos, links, status, messaging etc. LinkedIn allows its uses to add business connections into his or her contact list, adding resumes and also finding jobs, interviewing candidates, exploring company profiles and statistics and LinkedIn answers and groups.

3 Facebook like other websites had used several programming languages such as HHVM, C++, and D language; LinkedIn was purely based on Java Language, JavaScript, and Scala. Both its languages has its ups and downs, Java having to offer more versatile options such as easy link between the main server and the mobile app. Facebook has its own mobile app also…

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