Explain How To Promote Effective Communication

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1) There are lots of different ways to communicate and reasons for them like when you give information you might be telling the parent different ways to help tell off the child or how to give positive behaviour to their children. As a manager you always have to give your team clear instructions about a job you want them to do or a task to complete. You also have to listen to be able to receive the communication from others and to react and to answer appropriately.
2) Effective communication is key in any work setting because it gives you information and instructions for you to help the parents and children to get the best out of. We need to help them understand different things like some children take longer potty training and weaning on foods.
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As we are a nursery we have support services set up all ready to help the parents or children in their communication so you could get in touch and set up something that suits the parents or child best to help improve their communication skills. When would you look for support that is tricky you don’t want to do it to late or to early that you knock there confidence or do it to late they are too far behind and need a lot more work then you have arranged for them. Like if you find out that the child has communication needs then you would help them straight away and set up something catered to their individual needs. Say the child doesn’t speak any English and they don’t at home then you would want to act on that and get the child a tutor to help them learn English gradually.
6) Some barriers of communication are they might not speak English, background noise may distract or unable to hear, old technology may be an issue sending emails and websites, may have personal conflicts with certain adults, different views of practice, people that don’t like change and written information that is poorly written and is

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