Personal Narrative Essay: Bullhead Catfish

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Last summer, I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime-oppourtunity. I have been fishing a lot but have never experienced anything quite like this. It involved thousands of catfish, a rowboat, my brother, a neighbor, and a half-empty lake.
Our neighbors were draining their lake. They had broke the dam and drained out most of the water. There was a lot of muck after it had been drained and at the deepest spot of the lake it was only about four foot. My brother Justin helps out my neighbor and works for him. He was helping on the project. After each day at work he would come home and tell me any interesting things that happened through the day. One day, they discovered that Bullhead Catfish had taken over the lake. They did not know that they had Bullheads until they were draining the lake. Bullhead Catfish aren’t good at all. They are small catfish that don’t get much bigger than a pound or so. They are worthless and they can easily take over a lake in no time at all. At the time I had a ten-gallon fish tank that I liked to put fish in. I never had good luck with goldfish and gave up. Although occasionally, I would put a few small bass or bluegill from our pond in it.
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It came out brimming with fish. The net was so full and heavy that the first scoop broke the net! We were laughing and joking and couldn’t believe what was happening. One of us commented “We’re just like Peter, James, and John”. We laughed and kept scooping up the fish. After the fish were scooped up we simply dumped them into the bottom of the boat and I picked through them. I sorted through the 3-7 inch Bullheads picking out the bluegill and tossing them back. I grabbed one bluegill and said “It’s a heathen” before throwing it back. After several scoops with the net we rowed it back to shore we got out one at a time and then dragged the boat to firm land across the boards. I took a few (more like 10-12) home to put in the fish

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