Exercise Changes In Cardiovascular System

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Furthermore, the more we exercise changes would occur in our cardiovascular system. When performing exercise, your muscles would need sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients so that you can perform well. Also, the carbon dioxide produced should be released from the body. It is the main role of the heart to pump harder and faster when exercising so that oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide is released as a by-product. There are many acute changes that occur in this system before, during and after exercise.
Heart rate anticipatory response- your nerves and adrenaline cause your heart rate to increase before taking part in sport activities. Before taking part in sport action, your body would anticipate exercise which in turn would increase
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There are two types of blood pressure people have when exercising:
1. The systolic blood pressure increases gradually when you perform exercise and it is pumped out from the heart. A sport example of systolic blood pressure could be Usain Bolt (who is an athletic sprinter), when he sprints in a 100m race, before he starts sprinting his heart would pump blood around his body and this would increase progressively whilst he starts running. The systolic blood pressure is the highest pressure in the bloodstream.
2. The diastolic blood pressure is there so that the arteries can resist the blood flow. A sport example of diastolic blood pressure could be marathon runners, the blood flow would be resisted and would stay the same; it only occurs between beats. The diastolic blood pressure is the lowest pressure in the
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This is due to the cardiovascular system having a function in thermoregulation, which regulates body temperature. As the surface area increases, extra heat can go through the skin and transfer out into the surrounding air. This is how the body cools down. A sport example of vasodilation could be a cyclist during a long race. Due to the long race, more blood will be pumped around the body and to working muscles, as their arteries would have enlarged for blood to flow and transport to working muscles. Similarly, during the badminton match I played, my arteries would have expanded so that there is more blood flow that can be taken to working muscles. If this was performed for 30minutes at a steady rate exercise session, the blood flow will gradually increase and go pass the enlarged arteries and towards the muscles. This will keep me going during the

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