Executive Summary: Apple Inc.

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The Executive Summery
Apple Inc. is one of the global renowned company that designs, manufacture and market computers, music players and other communication devices. The company also deals in numerous software, peripherals and networking services. The company headquarter is in Cupertino, California. The company was founded by the Late Steve Jobs in 1976. The company is widely recognizing its constant work on technology innovation. The company has a team of executive teams who oversee and help in the company in achieving its goals. The company vision is to ensure that it produces the best computing system to all of the consumers across the globe. The values are mainly based on the four principles of discoverability, recovery, consistency, feedback
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has enjoyed competitive advantage through technology innovation, it is true that the company faces a crisis in the field. The crisis is what many may term as “saturation in innovation.” The company has forgone its fundamental principle of good design: feedback, discoverability and recovery to adopt beauty. Most of the apple products today are not based for computing to the future generation. It is true that the company has lost its way and is currently driven by the appearance and style instead of understandability and usage. Despite its stagnation in innovation, the company has continued to raise the prices of its products. This is viewed as a great loophole to overcome by the competing nations such as China. China currently is the world largest smartphone market. The country is flooded with very cheap tablets and handsets from the domestic manufactures. For instance, a closer look of RIM’s playbook, HP’s Touch Pad has no difference between the Apple and Chinese uses. As observed in the trend, China will become the epicenter of new cheap technologies (Research and Markets, 2012, P.2). This competition will beyond thunderstorm to be fought by companies such as …show more content…
Once upon a time Apple was renowned for designing products that were user friendly. The company was the champion in the graphical user interface. As revealed by majority of the former users, the Apples products guidelines were popular, powerful and influential. . All along, Apple Inc. has often strived to provide user friendly gadgets such as computers and phones without a greater reference to the manuals. Today, the fundamental principles of good design are no more. Instead the company has striven for beauty and appearance at the expense of usage and understandability. The products that are built on iOS no longer follow the well-established principles of design. Apple has abandoned the basic principles that made them to achieve the

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