Executive Director Of Champaign Economic Development Corporation

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In this assignment, I interviewed Craig Rost, who’s been working in a planning field for 28 years and currently holds the position of executive director of Champaign Economic Development Corporation. He has a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture and master degree in Urban Planning concentrating on economic development from the UIUC. The reason I chose him as practitioner to interview is that he has inspired me to learn more about economic development and process of creating and building development projects which I really want to do in my life. Taking his class, I’ve discovered what I really want to study and do in my career. Therefore, I think he is one of the most influential teachers in my life and interviewing him was a great experience and chance to get him know well.

Hi Professor Craig Rost, would you describe your typical day as the Executive Director of Champaign Economic Development Corp?

We’re very small non-profit organization that exists to stimulate and generate the economic growth in the whole county, Champaign. We receive our funding from local government, local businesses and industry. Promoting Research Park is one of the examples of what we do. I spend my 25 percent of my time managing our organization. Another 25 percent is spent solving problems, working with companies and businesses, visiting local businesses to let them know we’re interested in succeeding here and finding out what they need in the way of employment, what kind of employers…

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