Spiritual Discipleship

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Spiritual Discipleship: A Biblical Guide to Disciplining New Converts
Chapter One
Over the past few years, I have seen many of our churches fail in disciplining new converts. Because of a failure in training, many people believe conversion is just accepting Jesus into your heart and professing Him with your mouth along with giving your heart to the Lord and that’s it, therefore many new believers are confused when it comes to salvation. Churches are good at “opening the altar” and leading people to Christ but they are slack in making them disciples and teaching them about repentance, the journey of Christianity along with salvation. The apostle Peter preached that one needs to “repent therefore and be converted, that your sins
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Churches spend much of their time and effort bringing people to a point of belief without clearly teaching them to follow Christ ways. Every new convert needs to know what God is like and what He requires of us. Without knowing what God is like believers cannot understand who God is. As we learn who He is the more we will be willing to surrender our lives in discipleship. Also, knowing what God the Father is like gives us a better understanding of what Jesus the Son’s ministry was about, His purpose for coming to earth and what He accomplished on the cross. The Father did not leave a mystery but He provided His word, the Bible to reveal Himself to mankind and through it we can know Him and have a deep personal relationship with Him and become His disciple.

Spiritual Discipleship: A Biblical Guide to Disciplining New Converts
Description of the Problem

I have been a minister for over 10 years, prior to that I served
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Discipleship is the key but many of our churches are not disciplining new converts past a few weeks. It is vitally important that churches are committed to teaching new converts and developing a close relationships with them. (Hebrews 10:25) says. “Teach them these truths as you develop a warm, encouraging relationship with them.” Leaders need to model for them how they can give and receive with other Christians. We must remember that it takes patience and time to disciple a new convert and to see them established in the faith of Christ. When churches have new converts, it is imperative to go over the biblical doctrines over and over, so that they can understand the importance of following the word of God. They must be taught how to develop a prayer life and that prayer is a two way communication. New converts must be taught how to conduct themselves in their personal life, at their work place and in public. They need to be taught to live a life that is free from being in bondage to sin. They also must be taught that the enemy will try to distract them from their new found faith, but they can overcome the schemes and attempts of the enemy if they say equipped with the word of God, dressed properly in the whole armor of God for spiritual warfare Foremost, new converts must

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