Bob Kelleman's Gospel-Centered Counseling

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• It obviously does not do any good if we simply view the Bible as a text book. This is why we cannot refer it, sprinkle it, or concordance it. The Bible speaks in a manner of unfolding a grand drama. The Bible is sufficient and it speaks concerning the areas of our lives. Yet, because it doesn’t provide meticulous details for life, we must also excavate relevant applications from the truth hidden in the Bible, as the Bible provides general principles for the way of life. The Bible needs to be used Gospel-narrative way.
• Belief in the deficiency of the Scripture suggests that you need more than the Gospel. This is what merely sprinkling or referring the Scripture in people’s life look like. However, wise counselor know the ultimate answer
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It provided me numerous profound insights, as well as burning my heart with passions for a biblical counseling in my future Gospel ministry. I also greatly appreciated real life counseling cases, which Bob Kelleman provided for readers in his book. It helped to see the practicality of biblical counseling and helped me to grasp ideas of what should counseling looks like in a Christian ministry. The Book was filled with honesty, heartwarming encouragement, and truth in love. Yet, as much as I was benefited by Kelleman’s insights in biblical counseling, I must also acknowledge that I wrestled with my thoughts constantly throughout my …show more content…
First, I was afraid and reluctant with Kelleman’s model of church with counseling because I saw a potential danger of lay people’s insufficient competency in biblical counseling. A sound biblical counseling requires a person’s right understanding of the Scripture. Although the Word of God is perspicuous and startlingly clear in its message of salvation, certain texts of the Bible are difficult to understand. In fact, there are many examples of how so many people use biblical texts out of their contexts and causing it to be a pretext for greater troubles. Therefore, if a lay counselor does not have a correct understanding of the Scripture, they can damage fellow saints’ faith and heart, rather than encouraging and curing it. Second, a sound biblical counseling requires effective counseling techniques such as delivery methods, people skills, conflict management skills, problem solving and more. Even though Kelleman proposed that we need to equip people first before sending them for the ministry of biblical counseling, I am doubtful if we can equip saints biblically, theologically, and socially without making them go through professional curriculums. Lastly, I also struggled with the tension I found between the public ministry of the Word on a pulpit and a personal ministry of the Word in a counseling. Kevin DeYoung provides a very helpful picture of the relationship

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