Examples Of College Experience In College

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First Year College Experience Transitioning In four years of high school, students are usually prepared with tools for the new experience of college, considering the time teachers have given up to just get them through high school with the everyday lessons and countless homework assignments, these are the students that usually tend to say they forgot to hand in or just plain didn’t do it just because. There are usually categories that represent students based on work ethic shown in class, overseen by the teacher and this is the connection that starts a four year relationship with new teachers. The student has this because when coming out of elementary school, normally a factor that their work ethic in middle/elementary school should have had …show more content…
Another aspect is maybe they only heard from passed students about how college was, and when the person spoke about his/her experience they basically broke the experience to being a “party”.Possibly they only heard what they wanted to hear rather than hearing how much actual hard work that one must put in to stay in college and hopefully leave there and find a good lifelong career. This student is to be called a slacker, and this is the same student that is the party goer, the one that goes to a party and should have realized he/she had a weekend project due at coming weekday and somehow ended up being intoxicated because the party got out of control and didn’t even start the assignment and then didn’t manage to get up when supposed to and missed the first day. This tells a lot by his/her ethic that it seems like this student really doesn’t care about his/her future and the time teachers had spent was for

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