Examples Of Career Goals In Criminology

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Career Goals Paper
Hector Medina
ID# 109202827 Crim 1- Strategies for Success in Criminology
November 15, 2017 1. Introduction
a. Why and how did you become interested in criminology as a field of study?
a. Ever since I was young I wanted to get into law enforcement but understanding the different ways people rationalize their criminal thoughts has always interested me.
b. Why and how did you became interested in a career in criminology?
a. Perhaps what directed me to want to serve the Criminal Justice System was seeing crime around my town, and my figures like my father sharing his perspectives on criminals and my cousin being a Sherriff Deputy as a role model.
2. Professional Goals
a. What are your career goals in criminology?
a. My ultimate goal is to provide my part in serving criminology the best that I can. I want to leave my mark at the end of my career, where made a more comfortable world in terms that people feel safe from crime. Crimes that I am specifically interested in are crimes that people are probably fed up with the most are Theft
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The first academic resource that would help me succeed academically most was for the remainder of my time here, is the one shared by librarian Ms. Susan Nef. Not only was it a revelation to know that the Department of Criminology had its own librarian, the library has an endless amount of support with all of the devices they can loan (Nef, 2017). Second, was the portion of the class presented by the academic counselor Mr. Joseph Escoto, for the college of social science and all of the services he had to offer. Some services that he discussed made me realize that I need to make an appointment with him, and go over degree requirements because graduation is around the corner and I must be sure that I have everything done. Also, I only have few classes left to choose from, and It is hard to get in them without having priority registration, I will use his service of assisting me with class registration (Escoto,

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