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Most students take an internship in order to gain experience and complete their course. However, some students set their minds on getting jobs via their internships. Companies hiring interns to work full-time is not unheard of, but it is certainly not as common as you may think. Here are a few foolproof tips that will push you over the finish line in your race to become gainfully employed.

There is no guarantee that you will get a full-time job after your internship

Your first job should be to adjust your expectations. Most interns do not get a job out of their experience.
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Maybe you will meet clients, customers, patients and so forth. You may also meet other people in the profession. Make friends wherever you can, and get them to link up with you on LinkedIn. Keep them as contacts because you may be able to use them in the future. If the company uses intermediary companies and/or outsourcing companies such as Scholaradvisor, then you should even try to make friends with them. Try to stay in the loop so that you are more able to take advantage of future changes in the company.

Take the initiative and do a little more than the average intern

This does not mean staying longer than your scheduled hours. Repeat - Do not work overtime! People that work overtime are people that are too incompetent to get the job done during their regular hours. Plus, thousands of students have worked overtime thinking they are going to get something out of it, when all they get out of it is a swiftly goodbye. You may create an image that suggests you like the job, but you also need to show that you are an active and busy individual that is needed outside of work.

Find somebody to talk you up to the
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You may not have a smile on your face every day (though you should try), but your attitude, your manner and your work output will show that you care about the job and that you have a genuine interest in the work. Remember the TV show ER? The young intern Carter was all career hungry, but near the end, he missed his graduation in order to spend a little more time with a dying girl. He had a genuine interest in his job to the point where he lost out on lots of prestige.

Use your sexuality but not sex

This is specifically aimed at women. Most interns are young, which makes them targets for middle-aged men. Use your sexuality and you will probably get whatever you want from them, but give them sex and you lose all your power. The only power you have is the “Threat” of sex. Once you give it away, you are disposable through your own actions.

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Look like you are having a great time

Put yourself in your manager’s shoes. There are three interns, and one always looks like he or she is concentrating, the other has a neutral appearance most days, and one always looks happy. Which would you consider hiring? Wouldn’t you hire the one that looks like he or she genuinely enjoys the

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