My Wellness Project Essay

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Moving into the action plan and results of my wellness project, I can begin to say that it was an up and down process that had positive and negative results. At other times I was able to accomplish my goals for that period I had set and then try to keep on practicing that goal for the rest of time, while on other times it was hard to even try to get 50% of positive results from that goal. As I kept doing more research and learning more things in my Nutrition class, I had to do a lot of modifications when it came to my major goal so that I can benefit from it. First of all, one of my sub goal that was going to help me accomplish my goal was to have breakfast every morning. This had been a major problem for me this semester since I only have …show more content…
Having breakfast helps raise the amount of insulin in our bodies. Due to that we are able to reduce blood glucose thus preventing the increase in body mass. Due to this, my metabolism tended to be very slow so my body tended to want to save more glucose in the form of glycogen for future use and fats with them. On top of that it helps prevent cardiovascular related diseases. Skipping breakfast just contributed to my weight gain and increased my chances of having heart problems. On another note, breakfast increases our appetite to eat. The next meal after breakfast tend to be lunch so that means if we tend to enjoy eating lunch if we had breakfast. If we have a big appetite we might tend to eat different types of foods, something I lack most of the time. 1 This goal though focused on me not eating tuna salad all the time, helped me to understand there bigger picture of eating well and not skipping meals. With time and patient, I can say I was able to accomplish this goal.
My second goal that I had was to not just eat well but support that part of my health by trying to improve the other aspects of my health and the major focus was to try to have enough sleep during the week so in could improve my overall health. Considering my life style and classes this proved to be more challenging
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I just realized after having a conversations with some of my friends on campus that I considered fish as the major source of this essential amino acids. I tend to like grilled fish not fried fish so I realized that tuna salad was the only way I had fish and was worried that I was not getting this amino acids. After doing a research and realizing that fish is just one type of meat that has omega 3 amino acids, I made it my goal to not worry about not eating fish but try and eat the kinds of foods that can provide me with the amount of Amino acids that I need. Anyways fish can get contaminated easy with mercury and PCBs so it was a better option for me to look at what other diets such as a vegetarian diet have. I discovered that I can just increase my intake of some seeds, nuts and some vegetables to get the same if not more omega 3. Flaxseeds, canola, soy, and other foods can give me the right amount of this amino acids so I just needed to increase their intake so I can obtain enough and not worry. 3. This was a realistic goal for me. I was able to take different kind of foods that provides me with this nutrients. Even when it came to variety, I was able to fulfill that

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