Spiritual Reflection Essay

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Spiritual Reflection

This assignment felt like an answered prayer. Just last night I asked God to help me be more open in this course because I struggle with writing about other faiths and doubts of my belief. My spiritual journey has made me the person I am today. I have always believed in God. I was born the daughter of Baptist minister and a Sunday School teaching mother. After turning one years old, my mother and father split. This event only strengthened my mom’s spiritual education in our home. I heard gospel hymns daily in my house. If my mom was sick, she would sing. When she was sad, she would pray and sing. When I was in middle school, she asked me to help with Sunday School classes. I was able to teach the little kids. I attended
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The one that is most important and touching for me was my first opportunity to be a bible study teacher as an adult. I was not proud of being a single mother of two girls because of my faith. I attend church and love God, but I do not always follow the laws of God. However, I never withdrew from church attendance because of my sinful acts. When I moved to New Jersey in 2004, my girls were 4 and 8. I attended a military church. After about a year, I was asked to take over the minister’s wife class. The church had never given this opportunity to anyone single and not in church leadership. The minister’s wife said she prayed and God spoke my name to her. I taught for my last year and a half there. When I was leaving, I was given a church photo with notes on the back from members. One of my students was a recent Catholic nun. She was about 86 years old. She wrote a note expressing how my teachings blessed her. She felt she grew in her faith from my lessons. I was the youngest woman in the church and felt so unequipped to minister to women old and more religiously experience than myself. God changed my life with that message to not put limits on who and how he can get a message to his people. I still feel I struggling everyday with my faith. I am constantly in a spiritual war. I will never feel I am where I want to be spiritually. I keep reading, praying, and listening to grow day to day. Knowing what to do and

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