Examination Of Blood Alcohol Content Essay

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According to studies done by the University of Amsterdam, a blood alcohol content of .04 can begin to hinder the ability to reason quickly and understand mistakes, supporting the belief by some that failure to use proper judgement does not start at the legal limit, it may start as early as half of the limit. During the study, Richard Ridderinkhof and his peers studied what they named the brain 's "oops" response which can be electronically monitored in a part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC)."We have known for some time that the anterior cingulate cortex is heavily involved in judgment," Ridderinkhof said. "With the anterior cingulate cortex, there is this component that you can see when you record an EEG [electroencephalogram]. Some people call it the `oops ' response. This is really there when you make an overt error, then you see this brain wave - and it is not there when you give a correct response. ' '

The penalties if caught drinking/or if you are in the presence of alcohol as a minor lie in a wide range depending on the state 's’ rules and the generosity of the officer in charge. The legal drinking age in all states is twenty-one. Under most states ' MIP (minor in possession) laws, when a person under the twenty-one is found guilty of being in possession of alcohol, punishment can include: revocation of driver 's license (usually for at least 30 days), payment of fines, enrollment in alcohol education programs, and community service. some…

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