Evolution Of The Human Brain Essay

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Evolution of the Human Brain

The human brain can approximately store 1.25 terabytes of information

and can do this through the on average 100,000,000,000 neurons it has, and about the

100,000,000 meters of interconnections of these neurons(Cherniak 2012). The driving

force behind the evolution of this complex structure seemed to be the ability to intake

and analyze information about the organisms’ environment(Finlay, Darlington, and

Nicastro 2001). It seems that more information available to the brain, and an increased

processing speed of that information, the more successful the organism would be at

reacting to an environmental challenge and survival(Hurculano 2009). In simple terms,

intelligence seems
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Even though there are other structures in the brain that were selected for

greater growth and complexity, it is noted that evolution has impacted the change in the

cerebral cortex physiology and morphology and in consequence has influenced

intelligence the most(Cherniak 2012).

Now that it is understood what evolved, looking at what led to the evolution is

just as important. Scientist theorize that the evolution of the brain was due to selective

pressures of the physical and/or social environment(Hurculano 2009). But if humans are

still under these pressures why would evolution stop? It seems to be that the capacity

of the brain to process information is a function of the topographical arrangements of

its neurons and the speed at which those signals can be sent and received. The more

folding, which allowed brains to be increasingly compact and efficient, along with an

an increase in organization of neurons had reached its limits. In other words, neural

pathways purpose are to process large amounts of information in a small amount of

time and due to the structure and format of these pathways, simply evolving a

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