Evolution Of Cell Phone

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Mark Kennedy once said, “All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.” (Kennedy 5). From pagers, flip phones, house phones, cassette players, and develop film to voice mails, iPhones, dvd’s, digital cameras and printers are just a few of the many items that over time innovative individuals have evolved and ameliorated. In 2002, the drastic change of technology began to evolve and to become more advanced. It was said that the advancements to technology was making everyday life easier for individuals from communication to entertainment. Without the aid of technology, life would be difficult because we have become …show more content…
This device was first indented in 1876 by an Italian inventor named Alexander Graham Bell. His model was then used to make even better phones that would eventually be able to make long distance calls. The phone is a compact, portable device used to communicate with people not within out vicinity. According to statistics, about 90% of Americans not only have cell phones, but have smart phones. A smart phone is a cellular device that is so intellectual that it is able to perform functions of a computer. Smart phones are typically broken up into two major groups, Androids and Apple, and then there are the different types of types of smart phone such as Samsung’s, Droids, IPhones, HTC’s, and many different others. In addition to our phones becoming more advanced, so are our vehicles. In 1807, just a few years before the cell phones, the first car, the model T, was designed and invented by Henry Ford. He made the first gasoline powered car that would soon become popular in his era. The model T was very expensive in those times, one would cost about $825.00, today getting a model like that would cost about $18,000 dollars. Like the cell phone, his designs for the car became used to make even better vehicles. Present day we have the Hybrid, Lamborghini, Range

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