Evolution Of Car Essay

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Car is a kind of practical vehicle used for transportation nowaday. People can hardly live without it. However, its popularity was gained through a complicated and long-time course, especially in the first half of the twentieth century. The newly established automobile industry in American boosted the United States economy, created new opportunities and jobs, at the same time, brought environmental problem.
Before car was invented, people were looking for a more convenient and pleasant way for travelling. Vehicle was invented under this demand. First automobile patent was obtained in 1787 by Oliver Evans, an American inventor.[1] However, it was more of a “prototype” and incapable of family use because it was not introduced to the mass market.
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For example, an ultimate steam-powered vehicle in 1920 could be accelerated to more than 100 miles per hour.[3] At the same time, more manufacturers entered the car business such as GM. William C. Durant formed the General Motors Corporation (GM) in 1908 as a small car maker. Unlike Ford, who was interested in creating utilitarian vehicles, Durant dreamed of controlling entire car industry and creating expensive luxury cars since he saw the opportunity of car business in US in early 20th century so that he began by purchasing the Buick Motor Company in 1904 and sold stock to finance its operations. By 1908, Buick had become the largest car manufacturer in the United States.[4] The same year he founded General Motors in order to expand his product line. Due to Durant’s poor management, he lost control of the company twice, in 1910 and 1920. Durant’s successor, Alfred Sloan, then took the charge. He introduced a series of innovative and radical change in the company which helps GM become the largest automobile manufacturer in US in 1930.[5] These rapid developments and intense competitions between car manufacturers helped boost the United State vehicle market share in global vehicle industry. Up to then, the United States dominated global auto production, providing 85 percent of all the world 's vehicles and exporting 10 percent of these to foreign markets.[6] It was also a significant …show more content…
It was a sharp downturn of the economy following some recovery from the depths of the Great Depression.[10] The demand for goods started to weaken which threatened American car industry. Car sales during 1937 and 1938 dropped by half. By introducing tighter fiscal and monetary policies, the United States economy was saved eventually.
No long after the recession, the automobile industry recovered and was rolling out nearly four million vehicles by 1941, a million more than two years earlier. World War II proved a turning point in the history of the automotive industry because it was forced to quickly retool itself for manufacturing wartime material, and it played a large and vital role in the war effort. Beginning in 1943, reconversion of the auto plants was planned, but carmakers took part in the so-called war within a war, in which companies still producing war goods opposed others converting to peacetime

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