Evian Advertisement Analysis

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Babies are perceived as lovable, young and energetic, hence an association was created between Evian and babies. Evian used its “Live Young” slogan to prompt its audience to perceive the similar impression of the spry, lively and young babies. The ad shows that anyone can enjoy being youthful regardless of his physical age, and act freely by escaping the societal constraints. This reflects one’s psychological state and desire; if one believes he can live young, nothing can stop him. Babies and adults of different races (i.e. whites, African Americans and Latinos) are involved in the ad, indicating that each race is significant without implying any racial and ethnic judgmental innuendos. The ad clearly displays the effect of purchasing and drinking Evian by showing people of different races ‘living young’. Promoting multiculturalism helped reach and attract more customers globally. The young version of adults as well as the T-shirts with baby bodies portrays the message creatively, simply and clearly.
E Marketing: The communication team unprecedentedly uploaded and introduced the ‘Baby & Me’ video ad on the Internet. Evian’s YouTube Channel is considered its main channel for its promotion.
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The institute aspires to save and protect wetlands and endorsing efficient water organization in third world countries. Evian presents itself as an expert in the field, which effectively augments customers’ trust and loyalty to the brand with respect to its distinguished history in the field. Evian’s connotation with the Institute prompts its role in effectuating social responsibility, one that is concerned with refining the quality of life for the challenged third world countries, consequently depicting Evian as their savior. When customers know that part of Evian’s revenue is set to assist others for a good cause, they are encouraged to buy Evian water, despite the fact that Evian water is three times the price of other

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