Essay on Evaluation Of The New Office Manager

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It took several months before Tank started looking for work. His diagnosis of P.T.S.D. closed countless doors to him. Eventually, he found employment working in the office of a not-for-profit group.
His ability to supervise effectively opened the door to a speedy promotion. As the new Office Manager, he felt motivated through finding something he liked, at least a little. It was still a far cry from the adrenaline rush of Special Forces.
By the time their daughter, little Ellie-Jo started school, Tank became involved as best he could. He took her to the School Bus and picked her up every day. It was the highlight of his day. At every school concert, Ellie and Tank were there cheering Ellie-Jo on. At the close of her first year, it was clear that Ellie-Jo was having some difficulties at school.
Whatever she wanted, Tank bought it for her. He took her everywhere. The park, when few people were around, the shopping mall at less busy times, the empty movie theater was her favorite. She felt that it was their private showing. He took her anywhere that was not threatening or reminded him of what he wanted to forget.
His dreams continued with nightly predictability. Even when he was alone, relaxing in the living room, he relived his experiences.
Often, he struggled with having any positive emotions and felt cut off from the rest of the family. He never had any real friends at work. It was as though, he didn’t know how to make or keep friends. His ability to develop interpersonal…

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