Reflection Paper On Forkids

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Face-to-face individual session with M.A. 03/14/2016 from 4pm-7pm at ForKids on 4200 Colley Ave. Interaction was made during Hot Meals & Homework tutoring session.

II. Purpose Statement
The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate if M.A. has been working on her math skills, as she is currently failing. Her last report card she received a C, and her grades have been dropping. During this evaluation, I, Karima Al-Harazi would also like to communicate with M.A., to ensure everything is okay, and if there is anything that maybe effecting her academics.

III. Relevant Background Information
M.A. is a 9 years old female, in the fourth grade. She is the oldest of three siblings. Her family entered ForKids when her mother was domestically
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has the ambition to succeed, but her family responsibilities is affecting her education. When interacting with her siblings, I could tell that she feels liable; and that they look up to her and respect her. I also believe that there is more going on at home, than her having to take care of her siblings. She has always done well, and her grade dropping is a big concern. I’m also concerned that she is taking care of her siblings, when she’s only 9 years old. Her siblings are in first, and kindergarten; and should have someone older to be supervising them (especially in the neighborhood they love in.) Through our interaction, I never got the sense that she might get picked on at school, because she does enjoy being alone at times. I feel that way because whenever we converse, she smiles and is able to carry a conversation. She also talks to some of the other students in the center sometimes without any problem. I also make sure to ask how she’s doing when she comes to the center (even when she is working with another volunteer,) so that she knows she could trust me, and that I enjoy her company. I’m making sure to build a relationship with her, because she has been through a lot, and needs someone who could support her through her tough

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