Evaluation Of A Summative Assessment Essay examples

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Post-Assessment Data The purpose of a summative assessment is to determine the overall learning a student has gained. Students are supposed to be able to show what that know, understand and are able to do as a result of the learning gained during instruction (“Summative Assessment”, 2009). As a result of the learning in my research unit, students were supposed to be able to write a research paper that showcased students’ ability to use both full and parenthetical citations, write using the research paragraph outline and paraphrase text used as evidence. Since my students are still typing their final drafts, I asked for them to submit what they believed was their best written paragraph. Including students in the assessment process helps engage them in the learning and helps them take ownership of the learning they have gained ("Student involvement, communication, and goal setting", 2009). From the research paragraphs I received, I found that all of my students mastered the research paragraph outline. Students followed the TEAEA outline, some with variations as they learned that the outline could be expanded to support their topic sentences. The next best skill was including parenthetical citations in the writing to show where their evidence was from. The good thing I noticed is that all students used parenthetical citations, which was a 100 percent increase from the pre-assessment. Four of those students missed things like quotations marks around article titles or the period…

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