Evaluation And Objectives Of An Educational Program Essay

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According to Grant, a curricula is a template that state explicitly the “intended aims and objectives, content, experiences, outcomes and processes of an educational program”(2011, p. 3). However, this would be only the curriculum ‘in paper’, since Coles (in Grant, 2011), defines that there is a need to recognize two further types of curricula, which is the ‘in action’ (what in reality occurs) and the ‘experienced’ (what the learner perceived). McKimm (2003) refers to the curriculum ‘in action’ as a synonym of ‘hidden’ because it includes all the implicit factors like beliefs, values and processes that are present and can change what is expected.
The existence of this parallel curriculums might be explain by the fact that the design of a program is not a neutral process but an ideology based on several global trends and also local influences. Some relevant factors that can affect the plan are the type of audience, QAA criteria, international specialty parameters, professional values, national health requirements, and theories of learning and professional practice. All of them can impact on the structure, content, teaching model, learning methods and even on the assessment approach.
For that reason, Grant (2011) argues that there is not a best way to design a curricula but rather it only needs to be fit for purpose in a given context. Nevertheless, since the influencing factors represent the perspective of different stakeholders (State, teacher, learner, patients), all of…

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