Essay on Evaluating My Listening Strengths And Weaknesses

778 Words Feb 1st, 2016 4 Pages
The reason for this memo is to evaluate my listening strengths and weaknesses. It is also to help determine was to improve on my weaknesses. My overall score on the listening self-assessment was a 51. This puts me into the exceptional listening skill category. I have always considered listening to be one of my stronger skills, but after this assessment I have been able to point out some of the areas that need improvement.
Some of my strong areas in listening are that I always aim to learn something for listening to people speak. Also I am able to block out any distraction like the speakers actions or appearance so that I can solely listen to the speaker’s speech. Secondly I am able to listen to the speaker even if they are having getting their specific point across, I am patient with them and don’t interrupt. Some of my many weaknesses are that if a subject in not interesting to me or if I feel that the speaker does not understand what they are speaking about I can sometimes begin to not listen as well. I am also not excellent at taking notes and paraphrasing the speech as it is happening in order to better understand the speaker’s points and ask questions.
There are many ways that I can develop better listening skills and improve my weaknesses. One option would be if a speech is not on an interest of mine, it may be helpful to take notes and better understand the topic at hand instead of not completely listening to the speech. This would help me learn more about…

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