Evaluating Dish Networks Mission And Vision Essay

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This Strategic Management case study focuses on assessing DISH Networks mission and validating whether or not it is aligned with the needs of the stakeholders. Do to this, we are to read various articles recommended by TUI and then provide my interpretation of DISH’s mission and vision; make my own assessment of the stakeholders and their needs/goals; and finally, provide my critical assessment as to whether DISH 's mission and vision takes their stakeholders into account.
DISH Network rebranded as Dish is satellite broadcasting American company headquartered in Meridian, Colorado which provides television, internet, audio and television interactive services to both commercial and residential clients in the US. By 2015, it had connected 595,000 clients to their internet services and over 13.93 million clients to television services. It boosts of a workforce of 19000 employees (Robert E. et al 2012).
The vision and mission statement of DISH Network is to be the best company in the delivery of video, anytime, anywhere.
They are committed to being and staying a competitive venture in the market. They are also committed to constantly improve their products and services by adding channels, introducing innovative technology and investing heavily in proper customer services. They employ the best engineers, installers and dreamers. They are very concerned in customer feedback and efficiency of their product and services (Robert E. et al 2012). If a product or service fails to…

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