Essay about Ethnographic Study

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Upon my arrival to the Bible Study for the ethnography assignment, I observed the church’s outer appearance and surrounding neighborhood. This particular parish was in the northeast quadrant of Burlington, North Carolina. Located in a predominately African-American community, the church gave off the vibe of being a relatively active place as multiple cars drove in, through, and around the parking lot. While preparing myself to exit the vehicle, I watched many older persons, ranging from fifty-seventy, head to what seemed like an administrative building for the church. Upon surveying the outer structure up close, I could see that the established date was 1868 and the built date for the current facility read 1963. In order to gain a better …show more content…
Three black leather couches and three folding chairs served as the seating for members of the class. On the purple walls was a picture of a newspaper article of President Obama’s 2008 election. This was placed directly in front of the door one enters to the classroom.
There were 13 students in attendance, eleven females and two males. The expressions and body language of the students varied among the three couches. Those students closest the door on the left hand side were strongly engaged in a conversation about their desires for a youth service. When I arrived, they seemed to have assessed me via quick scan up and down. From this examination, they immediately returned back to their conversation seeing me as just a visitor. The students on the couch to the right of me seemed to be disengaged in the conversation on what the teenagers would like to see take place in the youth ministry. The group on the couch to the left along with a couple of students in the couch across from the door I entered seemed as though they were more familiar with the life of the church and gave more insight such as a children’s service, more relevant topics for the youth, and opportunities for missionary work, locally and nationally. It was around this time that the youth bible study leader showed up.
When the teacher entered into the class, he greeted everyone with current day salutations, “What’s up man? How’s it going? What’s good?” He called the students by their names

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