Ethics And Moral Decision Making Essay

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Ethics and morals are the values that one lives by, guiding principles. Before starting this class, I felt fairly confident with my ideals in the areas of ethics and moral decision making. My beliefs, those I pass on to my children, revolved around many of the same concepts I was raised with. They seemed fairly simple to me: be kind to others, treat others as you wish to be treated, be honest, work hard, honor your word, live within your means. While there are more drivers, these are the foundations. While a strong foundation of who I am, I did not give much thought to ethics or morals in my daily life. Unless challenged by something conflicting, little thought about them at all. Like breathing, living by these morals and values is second nature and I use ethics and morals to guide decisions in my daily life. By following these principles as a guide, I believe I am living a good, honest life.

Prior Criteria Honestly, I am a pretty private person. I had not given much notice to the idea that I was approving or condemning the actions of others. I realize, now, that I do approve and condemn. More than I realized. Using my moral belief system as a guide to judge. Not being a black and white person, I often find myself making justifications for certain peoples’ actions as well. For example, I was raised that cleanliness is next to godliness. My grandfather often saying that “water is free and soap is cheap” or “you can’t go out looking like one of the…

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