Ethical Scale Essay

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Ethical Scale and Definition

Ethics: a self-imposed set of guidelines that dictate proper decision making and behavior in a given situation, which when executed properly, augment a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. Business ethics describes the manner in which a person partakes in not only everyday actions, but also the values they uphold through their employment and carry through their business endeavors.

A robust ethical base enhances the likelihood that a prospective employee is productive and upright. Many of the traits associated with an ethical individual are highly sought by hiring managers and human resources and are desired in the workplace.
The scale that
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7. If I do not put forth the entirety of my efforts, I still fairly earned the salary to which I was promised.
8. An act cannot be considered unethical unless it directly harms someone.
9. As a manager or higher up, you run your department or business with the values of integrity, respect, and honesty from the top down.
10. It is worse to have an objectionable sense of ethics rather than none.
11. Calling in “sick” to work is acceptable as long as the office isn’t too incredibly busy.
12. Falsely reporting higher than actual expenses in your expense account is okay.
13. Your boss isn’t around - let the computer games and internet surfing begin.
14. You make a mistake and quietly sit back while another employee is blamed.
15. A customer calls with a complaint about a recent incident in dealing with your company, your boss will stay in the dark unless you tell and despite your assuring the client otherwise, you’re not going to.
Goal-Oriented and Career Focused
16. You are about to make a sale and the prospective customer asks a question about your product or service, without telling a small lie, you’re going to lose the sale. It’s okay, she’ll never find out and it’s going to secure the sale.
17. When I stop striving to move ahead, I’ve proverbially fallen down.
18. A company supplier gifts you an expensive gift, you accept the gift happily.
19. I do not cooperate and collaborate with my coworkers as much as I could, and

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