Nike Ethical Issues Essay

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1.2 SUGGESTION FOR PREVENTION OF ETHICAL PROBLEM Due to these critical issues, the NIKE Company got several consequences. Some of the consequences is, NIKE has to laid off 1600 workers, the universities canceled their deal with NIKE to produce branded athletics goods. Furthermore, NIKE Corporation received international condemnations for its failure to protect the right of its workers. Besides that’s, NIKE also suffered losses from product boycotts and divestment by shareholder who held NIKE to be responsible with the issues. Due to these unethical working hours also there’s got so many health problem that occurred and basically it is a long term health effect.
Regarding to these issues, NIKE was severely embarrassed and thinking of they need to solve these problem immediately to save their production. Some of the suggestion for prevention of the ethical problems is:
a) The company should employed responsible person.
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Just because they are only concerned with the reduction of the cost and the maximizing in the profit, they ignored their ethical responsibilities. Due to these ethical issues, the NIKE itself got their own consequences based on their bad action. To protect their reputation the company need to solve the problem immediately. Nike decision makers need to act with equity, fairness and impartiality, respect the right of the individuals and provide different dealing to employees and individuals but only when it’s relevant to the goals and objectives of the company. The management of Nike should understand and practice that why the ethical responsibility is needed within the company itself. The management also need to know that the responsibility of organization’s management to make decisions and take actions that will protect the welfare of the workers itself and concern with the society and as well the

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