Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study

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• There are 4 issues affecting the health of the older adults such as lack of resources, scarcity of providers, financial barriers, cultural barriers and biases.
• Cultural biases is one of the main issues, because nurses can personally examine these biases and alter them in our daily practice.
• Most nurses have limited education about geriatrics.
• Understanding one’s believe and religion is essential to ethical issues.
• The principal for having respect for each other seems simple, but it’s easy to be bias towards others especially when it comes to what the patient need to know and what the patient should know.
• There are nine provisions of code that can help guide nurses ethical reflection as they care for the older adults, no matter where
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• It will be virtuous to discuss the beliefs and values early with the elderly person and family when death becomes more imminent.
• Elderly are usual forgotten when it comes to health care professionals promoting efforts to meet health needs.
• There is a large number of older adults who have chronic conditions that are linked to lifestyle choices that do not include positive health promotion activities.

I believe that this dilemma needs to be solved. The elderly are just as important as everyone else. They should be involved when it comes to health care promotions and lifestyles. It is important to educate patient in a way that they would be able to work with what they have and what they know. Nurses need to understand what is right and what is wrong. Nurses should apply moral principles when it comes to decision making by weighing alternatives and plan to achieve the ultimate goal; which is to establish an understanding of proper care and help maintain well-being of a patient. Nurses should apply knowledge to provide holistic care and incorporate ways to improve the elderly’s
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There are malpractice risk that can be avoided or minimized if we observe mandatory standard care, provide education and counseling, participate in continuing education, and be aware of legal safe guards for nurses. Generally, I believe that it is important to know your strength and weaknesses in order to better oneself. Nursing intervention are impacting families even in life or death situations. Nurses do not belong behind a computer, they should work side by side with the elderly being present and listening. Overall, try to limit the stereotypes and biases that may influence their

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