Ethical Framework Of The Christian Worldview Essay

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In order to determine how one is to approach to ethical situations, it is necessary that a greater ethical framework is established. This process is referred to as metaethics. Metaethics is concerned with abstract questions involving the greater worldview which determine one’s moral philosophy. It is necessary to establish a narrative as a framework for their metaethics, which begins and ends with the glory of God for the Christian. The aim of this paper is to briefly establish the Christian narrative rooted in the identity of God in order that a Christian ethical framework may be established.
Nature of God In order to establish the Christian worldview, it is necessary to begin with God, who is the starting point of the Christian narrative. God exists and he is good; this is the fundamental framework on which the rest of the Christian narrative hangs. God is love and all of who he is flows out of this identity. God is eternally the sovereign and supreme ruler of the universe. Before anything was, he existed self-sufficiently as a personal being. God exists within three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. These three persons are together one God, the only true God. All three persons have eternally existed and will forever exist. God is good in all ways. Holiness and love are manifestations of the goodness of God. For God to be holy means that he is totally pure and morally upright in all ways. The love of God is his kindness toward his people.…

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