Encyclical Letter Laudato Si

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Christians must use their understanding of humanities relationship with God, in order to fulfill His orders to take responsibility for the community of creation. Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter ‘Laudato Si’ aims to bring light current destruction of our global creation. Christian anthropology gives an understanding of the human person, formed through interactions and relationships with others. Christians have formed these interactions to form relationships with creation. The Encyclical refers to the term ‘creation’ in a broader context, referring not only to human’s relationship with the environment, but with God and with neighbours as well. (76)

The accounts of creation in the Bible introduce the notion of Christian anthropology. The stories
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Pope Francis addresses this ideology in chapter two of the Encyclical ‘Gospel of Creation’. This responsibility regarding the ecological care of their environment, forms part of Christian belief as a way of satisfying and fulfilling God’s relationship. Elizabeth Johnson’s ‘Ask the Beasts’ reinterprets the current Christian beliefs, using a theological perspective and integrating an understanding of evolution. She draws on the Encyclical to present humanities blind eye position to the current world environmental issues, by calling out the lack of responsibility shown towards our world . Johnson also presents the view of humans being the major cause of Earth’s ecological problems, similarly to Pope Francis in the Encyclical, due to the Christian anthropologic perspective of being the centre of the world. Laudato Si touches on this view, giving clear indication that even the Bible presents the notion that “the earth is the Lord’s” (Psalms 24:1) and therefore the view of human beings being at the centre is opposing Christian beliefs. Rather than focusing on the environments devastation caused by human beings, they instead focus on the restoration and future stewardship to fix humans current ecological mess. Pope Francis states that they must act immediately to appreciate and preserve God’s work, in order to ultimately fix Christians relationship with …show more content…
The first relationship humanity had with God, the Creator, was established in early chapters of Genesis and create the foundations of Christianity. According to McArdle, there were two distinct accounts of creation, the first being transcendent, whilst the second being more relational. However, it was not until ‘sin’ occurred before this specific relationship emerged with humanity .

Imago Dei is a statement that refers to this symbolic relationship between God and humanity “God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27) . Everything created by God was in the likeness of God’s image. Human’s relationship with God has been made everlasting through the humanity, divinity and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ. God sent his only Son to earth as a human figure to be crucified for the forgiveness of humanities sins

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