Ethical Dilemmas In Healthcare: Ethics And Ethics In Health Care

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There are many aspects to providing an individual with healthcare. Healthcare administrators are responsible for the welfare of the facility as a whole, therefore the accountability of the decisions made must be strategically thought out. The position of the health care administrator is to oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of a facility, such as a clinic, hospital, nursing home or doctor’s office. It is vital for the success of the facility, that a healthcare administrator have an impeccable analysis of current medical laws, business practice and ethical morale. As a health administrator remaining unbiased can provide challenges in the rapid pace of technological advances and societal changes (Peer & Rakich, 1999). Scrutiny by both internal …show more content…
In order for an ethical decision to be made one must comprehend the ethical values of a decision. In other words, a decision can hold a significant value, one must distinguish the influence between ethical morale and personal value. Ethical dilemmas can be delivered in various manners. For example, a physician advices a patient on a treatment option that increases the physician’s financial outcome due to their relationship with the pharmaceutical and medical company. Ethically, this relationship between the physician and medical organizations is a conflict of interest. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the healthcare administrator to enforce ethical policies to the treatment of patients. Another ethical dilemma faced by administrators would be the financial pressures of patients who are unable to pay for healthcare. Although the Affordable Care Act provides millions of Americans with healthcare, the issue of financial burdens on clinics and hospitals are still an issue. Therefore, patients who are able to afford organs are automatically placed at the top of the donor lists. Ethically, finances should not impede or expedite healthcare, however it

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