Ethical And Sociological Issues Of Organ Trafficking

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Register to read the introduction… The key point of this issue is how the 'definite' death. There is no denying that nobody wants to accept organs from someone else who is still alive. However, even if doctors are willing to move organs from a dead people, the number of usable organs is limited. Among the ethical principles to be considered is the respect for patient autonomy, where the patients have to right to make wise choices about their bodies and organs.

Since Egypt, a poor country, lacks national legislation to criminalize organ trafficking and regulate the donation of organs from the deceased, the situation of organ trafficking in Egypt is not under strict supervision. Thus, the Egypt government has to offer comprehensive and universal insurance to the public on a broad basis. But the demand of organ transplants is too huge to be satisfied. At the same time, the present situation permits organ trafficking because of the absence of deterrent legal statutes.

Therefore, both organ trafficking and transplant tourism exist in Egypt widely, although the scope of the phenomenon and the number of beneficiaries are not clear. However, Ministry of Health officials, acknowledge the fact that trafficking does exist without the participation of some medical personnel and treatment
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