Advertisement Analysis: Manipulative Techniques Used In Advertising

Jesus P. Fuentes
Professor Wakeman
English 101
8 October 2015
Advertisement Analysis Many manipulative tactics are used to influence consumers to purchase a certain product. “According to industry projections, advertisers approximately spent $450 billion worldwide on advertising buys in 2010, with roughly 33 percent of that in the United States alone” (Tanenhaus, Sam 906 p5). Advertising plays a role in consumer’s everyday life. They are placed on billboards off the side of the road, in newspapers, magazines, during television and radio commercials and these of which are just a few of the many places consumers are bombarded with advertisements. The goal of an advertisement is to persuade the consumer to do something by associating the ad with
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This Estee Lauder ad uses a celebrity influence trying to entice the consumer to the actual product itself, targeting young to middle aged women who want to be more mature or women who want to feel young, with their products. Furthermore the advertisements tend to leave an impression in the consumers’ minds prevailing an image of a beautiful young woman in how today’s society are portrayed as and it usually attracts not only women who believe they are all these things but also women who, in other words, are not satisfied with themselves or their looks. This advertisement is evidently publicizing a perfume spray called Modern Muse Le Rouge. Le Rouge is the color red spelt in French and it is also the color used in the photograph, giving it a bold, colorful impression. Advertisers seemed to purposely use the color red to give the advertisement a sexy feeling and to hook the buyer’s attention by the use of only two photographs; one of the product and of the young model. The name of the product is in white contrasted with a red background and is the biggest size in font when compared to the rest of the text, making it stand out, clearly emphasizing the product. …show more content…
The advertiser uses a popular model to solicit feelings of recognition which has a high chance of drawing the attention of sex appeal. The page itself is eye catching, containing many attracting features using simple yet cunning word choice to make its product sound much more exciting. Sex appeal is a main factor in the advertising industry. Generally, advertisers try to convince consumer’s that their products will help the consumer at times to look better, sometimes feel better, and even make them happier. The advertiser seems to hang on to the fact their product is for a more mature, sophisticated and good looking woman, encouraging and luring on the consumers to buy the product. It is safe to say that most women like to smell good. The advertisements have many effect with its various techniques of grabbing the consumer’s attention. Many elements and components of the ad puts weight on the buyer to purchase their product. The ads powerful vocabulary, use of bold red shades, the color and size of the font all contributed to the effectiveness of the advertisement as a whole. Ethos convinces the consumer to buy the Estee Lauder

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