Est1 Task 1 Essay

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I am tasked is to evaluate Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility and recommend three actions that Company Q could take to improve their attitude toward social responsibility. In evaluating Company Q’s attitude towards social responsibility there are a couple of examples that displays the company’s lack of social responsibility awareness. Company Q closed a couple of stores in higher-crime-rate areas with a claim that the stores are consistently losing money. The issue here is that closing these stores can create the perception that Company Q does not care about customers in these areas. In addition, after years of their customers requesting they start offering health-conscience and organic products, the company went …show more content…
They can provide additional security at these stores, and open dialog with the Police department to receive security best practices. Company Q should hire employees who live in the area and focus on developing customer service. Customers in the area will appreciate that Company Q cares about their area even though the crime rate is high. They will show that they social responsibility by employing local talent and the added security will show that they also care for their customers’ safety.

In regards to Company Q’s shelves being sparsely stocked with organic and health-conscience products and the perception that they do not care about their customers well being. Company Q can make a commitment to stock a percentage of their shelves with organic and health-conscience products right away. Furthermore, Company Q should engage partnerships with larger organic and health-conscience wholesalers to stock their entire chain. This will also support in lowering the prices for these products. In addition, Company Q can also partner with local or nearby farms and this can send a message to their customers that they care about them and the environment.

Company Q’s declining to donate day-old products to a local food bank is an easy missed social responsibility act that can be easily remedied. The simple solution is to donate the food, but they should also implement a set of processes that

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