Essential Documents Of Americ The Constitution, Bill Of Rights, And Declaration Of Independence

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Essential Documents of America Words of wisdom of speeches and documents have shaped America as we know it. They spoke of the hard times America faced and the accomplishments that we achieved as well. These documents and speeches are important to remember and also to pass down to our children and their children as well. They need to remember how people changed America for the good and the steps they took in order to achieve the greatness in which we are at right now. For example, our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Washington, and John Jay structured American democracy and left a legacy that not only shaped America, but the world as well. Some of these men wrote the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Another key factor that helped shape America were the steps and the trials that America had to go through to come to the conclusion that all slaves should be free. There were other documents from the beginning of America that also helped form who we are today. There were people in the world who gave speeches and who ensured that we reached our full potential. These wise speeches and documents are all fragments of evidence on how they constructed America. Piece by piece; word by word. To begin with, the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. The Founding Fathers and the supporting colonists believed that the Declaration of Independence should be concise…

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