Case Study: Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?

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Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers? When I was growing up meat was always a consistency in the household. It was present in meals almost every day. Weekend mornings brought eggs with sausage and bacon. Homemade chicken soup whenever a family member was under the weather. Holiday meals were notorious in family for being large and celebrated. My favorites included corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day, and the turkey and stuffing we had with Thanksgiving dinner. My parents were the type to introduce me to new foods whenever possible in hopes of avoiding the development of picky eaters. At the same time I began developing an interest in animals and at the age of 9 I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. When you hear …show more content…
I began taking vitamins during my final year of high school. It brought back some energy I hadn’t realized I was missing, and also comforted me in that fact that this way I could be more certain I was getting anything that was missing from my diet. Even though they were supportive, it can be complicated to be surrounded by friends who aren’t vegetarians. Whenever we went out to eat, I was always extremely limited in my food choices, and would often pick meat out of a dish and hand it off to one of them, which always made them happy. My best friend unconsciously began eating less meat and it got to a point where she was referring to herself as an “accidental vegetarian.” And on one instance, I was fed meat at a friend’s house because even though he was certain there wasn’t meat in the dish, he hadn’t looked at the ingredients. It contained chicken and I ended up getting sick. He apologized profusely for about 3 weeks.
I cannot count the number of absurd questions or statements brought to my attention regarding what I eat. “So you can’t eat eggs or milk?”, “But if you’re a vegetarian, how can you stand to see others eat meat?”, “Are you able to eat animal crackers?”, “Does chicken broth count as vegetarian?”, “Well I bet if you just eat it once you won’t get sick.”, “Oh so you’re the same as a vegan, got it.” A personal favorite from a boyfriend at the time was “It’s not that hard to resist meat, I bet I could do it.” He lasted two

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