Finger Food In The 1920's

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In 1920’s , famous foods that we eat on a regular basis were just being invented and discover. Everything varying from sweets to main meals were considered as a delectable back then.They had their own ideas of what meals consisted of and even had days when they wouldn't eat a certain food. Life in america during the 1920s was tasty due to finger foods , sweet treats and main meals.

During the Roaring Twenties , Finger Foods had started to be sold in upscale restaurants as appetizers. Tea sandwiches became popular and other foods such as Caviar, Salmon Rolls, Cheese Balls , Shrimp , Lobster and Mushroom Toast had began being served in restaurants. During this decade , Deviled Eggs , had started being more popular and more requested. Inside american homes, Olives, celery, and pickles had became more popular soon after Nuts and Crackers were added to the list because they were enjoyed at dinner parties and sold with Relish. Finger foods were popular because they were easy to serve at parties and different events. They were portable , easy to eat and continue having fun.Finger foods were the key to simple and quick satisfaction.
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On Mondays , families would have vegetarian style meals and foods and on Wednesdays , the breads and pastas weren't even thought about.Main meals in the roaring twenties started developing frozen and marketing frozen dinners . A popular main meal was sandwhiches.The 20’s had entire cookbooks dedicated to sandwiches. This was also when Wonder Bread was invented and the american diet consisted of breads, potatoes and meats. In the 20s , vegetarianism started and the consumption of fruits, veggies and milk increased dramatically. On the other side , more sugars and fruits were being eaten and less potatoes and bread. After a while less homemade meals were being made and more cooked store bought meals were being

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