Essay On The Benefits Of College

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When people say college, the first thing they could think of is education. Why is it that we think that? Well, that is because college helps one itself branch out to what they wish to do. According to Kwame Anthony Appiah (2015), article writer of New York Times Magazine, “What is the point of college?” he claims that young undergraduates go to college for one of two things: which is the intent to attend college for the good values of the consumer or the ability to acquire a good job. On most cases, many of them do not understand which one is more beneficial to them causing them to choose the wrong path. “College a place to learn such things,” (Appiah) but, do us individuals that attend these colleges think it is necessary to learn about theories that happened in the past? College is a place to guides you to be successful. It is a stepping stone that provides you with the skill and knowledge …show more content…
One of them being Utility U. and the other being Utopia U. One of them being the belief that college is only useful to make an impact to America and how competitive it is. (Appiah) Although, with the global economy being so competitive, it does not help that college is so expensive to obtain a degree. Often times, people want to believe that going to college and spending all this time and money is going to benefit them in the future making every penny they spent count. It’s because college is so overpriced for such a good benefit, many people attend, but not everyone has the same mind set. As for Utopia, they have a different mindset and reason why college is for them. Utopia is more of a philosophy for those that believe that college helps them build a different approach in themselves. For example, “John Stuart Mill stated that students took college as a way to build a skill and helps them view college as an idea.” Let alone, they found it to be something they must complete in

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