Essay On Superhero Movies

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The words “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a man!” have become some of the most iconic lines to come from the film industry. Superman and Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman, DC and Marvel have all become very common household names among all age groups. The revival of the superhero genre in the last few years is accredited to amazing performances at the box-office; as well as, the fact that these movies are easy to market and have a great deal of merchandise available to the public.
Superhero movies of the last decade have been constant hits in the box-office as massive high adrenaline, action filled summer flicks. Six of the top twelve highest ever opening-weekend grosses are held by superhero movies, with a total grossing amount of $1,043,269,696. To elaborate, with these kinds of successes, film production companies are less hesitant to approve investment in future movies knowing that there is such a large basis of support for these kinds of films. Therefore, this leads to multiple movies being approved at a time, which
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With big names such as the Dark Knight and Iron Man, comic book companies, such as DC and Marvel, were able to breathe life back into the abandoned genre and give rise to the modern age of the superhero in the cinema. With expectation-breaking gross at the box-office, superhero movies are being taken very seriously by film production companies as a source of profit in the years to come. As “geek culture” became very prevalent in the last decade, so did the popularity of comic books among the general population, and superheroes became very marketable to a wide range of age groups. The rising commonality of superheroes in films is influenced by the increasing popularity of the comic book characters among all age groups and the success of the movies in the cinemas. At least for now, and in the foreseeable future, capes and shields will have their place on the big

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