Essay On Self Reflection

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It has been one month into the semester since the break and it has just been quite intense, but I think compared to last semester the pace is understandable. After the first semester ended and with New Year’s just passing, there was a lot of self-reflection and evaluating of what I needed to improve on, to start doing, to stop doing, etc. Even as I go day by day in semester 2, I see things that I need to make adjustments in and make little improvements on in order to make myself a better student and a better person for the massage therapy career. Despite the fact that I felt like I achieved the goals I set for myself last semester, I know there is always new things to learn and things I can build on from my previous goals. So in addition to …show more content…
I feel like I’ve gained more self-confidence over the years, but I’m still trying to overcome it. It’s very hard for me to take compliments or encouragement because my confidence in my abilities and in myself is that low that mentally it’s hard to uphold what people positively say about me. Then there’s also the issue of taking negative comments to heart. I have slowly learned to accept what negative things people about me and not take it to heart but I really want to boost my confidence levels to a point where my mentality can rarely be affected by negativity. From high school I knew who I could really count on and even from the first semester, I have found the people I know I can surround myself with that will support me, encourage me and never make me feel like I should doubt myself and the things I am capable of. So I am very confident that this goal will be easily achieved even before the semester is over.

For this semester, compared to last semester, my goals are a lot more self-oriented rather than school oriented/career-oriented. However, I know that both of the goals I’m trying to achieve are very useful for school and for my career. Personally, I can think of a million things I need to improve on but in terms of how last semester went and what seems really essential at the moment not only for school but also for personal reasons; is the reasoning behind these three
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Especially in Oral practicals, the major piece of advice that I was given was, “Manage your time wisely” or, “Be mindful of your time”. So, after all, these “suggestions” a.k.a. a wake-up call telling me that my major weakness is time management, I am definitely going to make an effort to improve my time management skills. So the big question is “How do I plan to achieve this goal?” Well, the actions I’ve taken so far is using the tool “Stickies” on my laptop to place all of the assignments/homework I need to do, upcoming tests, and little miscellaneous reminders for school. This is directly on my desktop so as soon as I open my laptop I can see exactly what I need to do. I use this method versus a planner or agenda because I tried that last semester and I gave up on it very early in the semester. It just didn’t work for me. So I saw my friend do this on their laptop and I decided to give it a try at around midterms last semester and I realized it really worked for me. Another thing I do is I also put due dates of assignments and dates of tests, oral

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