Personal Narrative: Improving My Writing

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Improving My Writing

This semester, I was genuinely surprised by how much I actually learned and also how much I developed the writing skills I already had. I did not realize how much I would be researching, editing, and peer reviewing, and proofreading. I received vital help from the writing center. In the past, I have written essays the night before they were due; however, I ended up spending countless hours attempting to communicate my thoughts in a logical way. This semester I have learned the importance of a rough draft and first draft. It gives me something with which to work. It is a means of getting my ideas down on paper and then developing those ideas and thoughts into a final draft. I regret not writing rough drafts previously because
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I knew what was expected on each of the essays I wrote, but I didn’t think my writing was exceptional at best. I was embarrassed to share my unfinished work with strangers. I didn’t want to be reviewed or criticized or critiqued. Once I conquered that fear, I was able to accept help and constructive criticism. Once I conquered that fear I was able to accept help. The suggestions by my peers, professor, and the tutors from the Writing Center really helped me to develop my writing and provided invaluable help in both my writing style and confidence.

Then there was the four p’s participation, performance, progress and process (es).
I followed instructions, completed all assignments timely. I attended class on time. Asked good questions. I took ownership of my results. Ask for help when needed, used the advice given. Contribute to discussions, and lead group discussion. Performance: I choose to process and carried out all accomplished task, or function. I focus on the quality of my work, and my driven performance. I used the Purdue Owl online writing cite.
The site helped me to structure my paragraphs in the correct order. I was able to use prewriting strategies to give an account of event. I also used paper rater to help me with
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I am an inquisitive person, and I enjoy learning and locating information. I used several strategies. Research means doing work to find the answers to your questions. Knowing questions I need to find the answers for is key and vital. If the answer I am looking for is a known fact, then I will find it by looking through books or articles in the library or consulting an expert. If I am seeking reinforcement for a particular thought or idea, then I will have to conduct a study or an analysis from a group. Research allows me to show others why the thought or a topic matters and gives the idea substance. Also, research makes the thoughts relevant and provides examples of prevalent information to give me thought or idea, validity or relevance. Finally, research allows me to be an expert on the

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