Essay On School Cafeteria

Topic: School cafeterias contribute to obesity in children and they should only offer healthy food options.

It’s not a lifestyle choice when people are just eating and not exercising. It’s because kids (and this is the problem with school lunches right now) are getting sugar, fat, empty calories- lots of calories- but no nutrition. Words by Tom Colicchio. Obesity is affecting people worldwide, especially the younger generation. One of the major causes of obesity in children is food high in calories that lead to weight which they consume on a regular basis from school cafeterias. I agree that school cafeteria should offer healthy food choice because person who are obese tend to have low self esteem, suffer from serious health problems and it could possibly lead to death. Firstly, children who are obese tend to have a low self esteem. Obese children are usually closed off and tend to keep to themselves because it is hard for them to go out and socialize without being teased. Due to them being bigger in body than the other children their age they think that they are not beautiful like the other children or worthy enough to have friends who care for them. When kids have low self esteem it takes a toll on their life because when they look in the mirror all they see is someone nit worthy of living or
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Cafeterias usually do cook healthy meals but the children tend to purchase snacks and soft drinks that are also sold in cafeterias. If they know that eating cafeteria food will lead to weight gain why buy it then. The kids are usually at fault because they rather buy the unhealthy foods than healthy ones. Also cafeteria food can in some ways be healthier than packed meals because the food prepared at cafeteria may have a higher nutritive valued than those packed from home for children might pack what they want instead of what is

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