Child Obesity Satire

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Child Obesity

America is declared as one of the fattest countries in the world. With food being

advertised everywhere one looks, there 's no wonder why it 's filled with thousands of obese

adults. There’s an endless supply of fast-food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Jack

in the Box, Carl 's Jr. and Wendy’s, which all provide an easier unhealthy alternative to making

food at home. Being obese or overweight in America is something that has become the norm.

Subsequently, people don’t look twice at an overweight person. And sadly, most Americans

aren 't shocked at seeing overweight children either. In fact, most can’t even tell when a child is

overweight. Throughout America, children are suffering the downfall of society’s
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As more people look past the rate of obese children in

america, our children will continue growing wider and wider. It’s hard to pin-point a single

problem, when there are so many contributing factors. However, it 's clear that in order to prevent

childhood obesity: society must realize what’s overweight or obese and what isn 't, as well as

influencing children on eating healthy and engaging in physical activities.

It seems as if there 's a fast-food joint on every street corner. There is junk-food in our

homes and at our schools. Anywhere a child goes, he or she is faced with the temptation of

eating delicious unhealthy foods. Americans have gradually gotten bigger and bigger overtime;

and now there are so many overweight people in America, obesity has become the norm. Being

overweight has become unintentionally accepted and remarkably overlooked in American

society that even our children are overweight. Today, one in three American children and teens

are overweight or obese, triple the rate since 1963. Furthermore, the portion sizes of less
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Furthermore, gaining excess weight at young ages has

been linked to higher and earlier death rates in adulthood. In order to prevent childhood obesity,

society must realize when a child is overweight. Restaurants, grocery stores, and vending

machines should decrease their unhealthy portion sizes, while simultaneously providing more

healthy foods. Adults, teens and children need to be educated on healthy eating and portion

Meanwhile, parents are unknowingly letting their children succumb to this unhealthy

lifestyle, as they fail to recognize their children 's obesity. In a recent study by the New York

University School of Medicine, known as “The Goldilocks Syndrome” or “Oblivobesity,”

parents were asked if their children were underweight, overweight, or just about the right weight.

Almost all parental participants failed to recognize that their child was overweight as they

answered their children were, “just about the right weight.” About 97 percent the parents with

overweight boys identified their sons as about the right weight. As for the overweight girls, 93

percent of their parents thought they were just about right weight. The New York

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