Essay On Newton Medical Center Obstetrics

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Who Owns the Future in the Medical Industry
In the medical industry, robots are becoming an important part (Anandan). They do not work on their own, but are controlled by the human to perform the work (Anandan).
What is the impact on your job when robots are cheap? “Robots are never going to be cheap” Newton Medical Center Obstetrics doctor, Kent Bradley said in an interview (Bradley). If they do become cheaper, they will be more available to smaller hospitals (Bradley). Newton Medical Center was the fifth hospital to get the Da Vinci Surgical System due to being well managed (Bradley). How are robots changing your job? To answer that question, he used the scenario “The Da Vinci is a tool in my toolbox” (Bradley). “It is a new tool to use
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MRIs are used as a diagnostic tool having more advantages as high soft tissue contrast, higher image-resolution, giving out a three-dimensional representation of a patient’s anatomy, showing accurate tumor location (Althoefer). They are also harmless with giving out radiation to patients (Althoefer). The question asked most often is “If MRI-safe or MRI-compatible robots make ground only very slowly in the field of MRI-guided intervention?” (Althoefer). The specific types of materials they use for the MRI technique are restricted (Althoefer). Most other robots used today have constituent components as wiring and electronics, motor and sensors, composed as of ferromagnetic materials, using the presence of when an MRI scanner can disorientate the image needed (Althoefer). If in extreme cases, the robot can overheat leaving the patient with severe problems (Althoefer). With the disadvantages of the robots and MRIs, there are also advantages as in using the robot during MRI-guided interventions, the clinician can steer the robot to point the intersection making out a three-dimensional inside of the patient (Althoefer). Current research is being done in developing MRI-safe robots to the right size and structure so they can be used in or next to the MRI scanner bore

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