Essay On Progressive Era

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Progressive DBQ
Maxxwell Diebold

Have you wondered what it was like to have your whole childhood taken away just so you could work for a meal just so you could live another day? During the progressive era this was completely normal. This was so normal that laws had to be put into place to protect children from having to work in the harsh environments. The environments in these places were very harsh; with filth all over the work environments. This was also a big issue inside the meat packing industry, with meat inspection laws also having to come in to place. During this time there were allot of progression when it comes to laws and technology.
Child labor was a very serious issue at this time. Completely destroying childhoods and breaking them physically. As shown in document 4, children worked in bad uniforms, such as children working without any shoes, because they are not able to afford them. This is shown in document 4. Also this is a great example about how kids shouldn’t be working because of their age. The process of working can leave them with permanent health issues. In some cases they can get there backs crooked for good. During this time, this was a problem because kids needed the money to help support their family. Families were not making nearly enough money which forced allot of kids having to get jobs.
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Allot of people over time died from the working conditions that took place during this time period. Even with companies working with the complaints took steps to change the changes didn’t really help at all. In document one, an excerpt from “How the Other Half Lives,” it states “The new tenements, that have been recently built, have been usually badly planned as the old, with dark unhealthy rooms, often over wet cellars, where extreme overcrowding is permitted.” This describes how bad workplaces are in time period and how change at this time was very

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